IT Project Management

eliteBco provides project management services and technology consulting as its core competency.  We take pride in offering elite project management services to organizations with experienced and certified professionals so your solutions are on time, on budget, and with unsurpassed quality.

Balancing all the elements of a complex project - time, money, scope and people - is the project manager's job. Excellent project management training is essential to successfully dealing with the unexpected challenges that come with every project. Among those challenges are:
  • Undefined goals
  • Scope changes
  • Inadequate sklls for the project
  • Lack of accountability
  • Improper risk management
  • Ambiguous contingency plans
  • Poor communication
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • Resource privation
  • Lack of stakeholder engagement
In order to manage the challenges mentioned above, we specialize and have a successful record in the area of Information Technology, Non Profit, and Government business projects using Project and Portfolio Management best practices.  We will also apply the best methodology that fits the project we are working on.   A wide variety of frameworks have evolved over the years, each with its own recognized strengths and weaknesses. One project methodology framework is not necessarily suitable for use by all projects. Each of the available methodology frameworks are best suited to specific kinds of projects, based on various technical, organizational, project and team considerations.

There has never been a project that has the same circumstance, requirements, and needs as another project. Situations, people, and goals change over time.  Instead of squeezing every project into the same template, we spend time crafting milestones specific to the needs of each project. Every job requires specific milestones that meet the schedules of all parties involved.

Our elite team of qualified Project Managers (PMs) gives your organization a reliable source to get things done. Our services include, but are not limited to, project planning, requirements’ gathering, estimates, risk management, monitoring controls which includes the daily auditing of activities, schedules, and deliverables to ensure consistent measurable results. 

We provide you with elite Project Managers who are inducted to your particular methods and procedures. Our elite PMs will help you to manage entire projects from initial concept, through design, deployment, and delivery.  Consequently, you will enjoy a unified and cost efficient approach which will eliminate liabilities, prolonged recruitment cycles, and expensive rates.

In the project management field, IT projects have greater challenges than others as evidenced by their statistically high failure rate. The root causes of project management failures include issues that confront all projects – inadequate time, budget, or resources to devote to a project.  However,  IT project management also face unique technology challenges such as:   vague requirements to develop projects, hardware, operating system, network, or database instability, information security risks, and operational issues.

We are able to adapt the best methodology that fits your business needs. We recognize that addressing the risks and breaking the project down into logical and manageable segments with a clear communication plan is critical to the success of these projects. 

Our elite Project Managers, can deliver your requirements conveniently, from the beginning of your project, or at any stage in the project’s life cycle. They are capable to work across disciplines and verticals to give custom solutions, regardless of your project scope.

Whether managing a large project or assisting with a short-term task, our elite consultants always ensure that our clients receive high quality output in shorter timescales and at a lower cost.