At eliteBco, we are experts in transforming paper for use in content management systems.

Digitization is defined as “the conversion of analog information into digital form”. In other words, digitization is the process of capturing the words and images that appear on media such as paper or slides, and converting them into electronic files you can open on a computer or mobile device.

Digitizing your documents is one of the smartest ways to free resources and increase productivity.

However, efficient document digitization can be a complex process that requires solid hardware, plenty of offline or online storage, and a great deal of personal dedication.


Digital documents can be:

  • Quickly retrieved and updated
  • Shared securely in no time, either as an encrypted URL or as an attachment
  • Easily cloned, accessed, and preserved
  • Searched to find keywords extremely quickly
  • Securely stored
  • Transferred in a variety of compatible digital data transfer modes
  • Shared with, both, registered and non-registered users based on your requirements
  • Updated whenever required

eliteBco Document Digitization Services

Document Preparation. Whether your documents are stacked in boxes, clipped together, or bound in books, we have the experience and technology to prep your materials for digitization.

Scanning. Our specialized software and quality control processes ensure images are aligned, clear, and legible… indexes are correct… and optical character recognition (OCR) is more than 99.9% accurate.

Document Indexing/Cataloging. Zone scanning technology for auto-indexing, database integration for additional indexes, and manual data entry with business rules/formatting validation.

Searching and Content Management Systems. Whether you need simple file system storage and retrieval or a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), we can help design, plan, and implement the right solution.

Experts in Digital Transformation

eliteBco’s team has successfully helped many organizations with their digital transformation, including projects for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. National Guard. Our services have helped clients go paperless and become dramatically more efficient, get rid of warehouses full of documents, and implement Business Process Automation solutions and Financial Management Systems so their processes won’t revolve around paper ever again.

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