Podinar Episode 1: Getting Started with Agiloft CLM

In the inaugural episode titled “Getting Started with Agiloft CLM,” we introduced participants to the fundamentals of Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management system. Hosted by David Selva, along with key experts Diane Martinez and Josue Rivera from Elitebco, this episode provided a comprehensive overview of how Agiloft CLM can transform contract management processes. The session covered the history and achievements of Elitebco, highlighted the key features of Agiloft CLM, and demonstrated its ability to offer customizable solutions that streamline efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize compliance risks without the need for custom coding. The episode aimed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage Agiloft CLM effectively in their own organizations.

What is Agiloft?

Agiloft Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an advanced software solution engineered to streamline and automate the entire lifecycle of contracts. This platform excels in managing contracts from their inception to renewal, effectively automating intricate processes. This automation leads to significant time savings, cost reductions, and minimized risks associated with contract management. Agiloft’s robust and flexible nature makes it an essential tool for ensuring efficient contract lifecycle management across various business sectors.

Why Agiloft?

Agiloft CLM is distinguished by its exceptional adaptability, which allows it to be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization, regardless of its size, without the need for complex coding. This adaptability ensures that businesses, from small enterprises to large corporations, can utilize Agiloft to optimize their contract management processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual errors. The platform’s capability to adjust to the unique requirements of each business, coupled with its user-friendly interface, positions Agiloft as a uniquely powerful tool in the domain of contract management.

Key Features to Explore

Contract Repository: Centralize all your contracts in one easily accessible repository. This functionality not only allows for quick retrieval and searching of documents but also aids in maintaining an organized system that supports version control and historical data analysis. The next key feature would be Workflow Automation. You can use filters and saved searches to navigate through contract records, which is a key feature.

Workflow Automation: Agiloft extends beyond simple storage solutions by automating workflows throughout the contract lifecycle. From the initial drafting to the final renewal, the software manages and triggers the necessary actions for each stage of the process, freeing your team from repetitive tasks and minimizing the risk of human error. Now, taking into consideration 2024’s biggest win, Data. Another very important key feature that Agiloft offers is Reporting and Analytics.

Reporting and Analytics: Harness the power of data with Agiloft’s reporting and analytics. By offering insights into contract processes, the platform enables data-driven decisions, helping improve operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations. To enhance this capability, Agiloft’s dashboards provide comprehensive tools for detailed contract performance analysis. These dashboards are designed to offer a visual representation of data, track key metrics, and identify trends, thus recognizing bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Aside from what has been discussed, Agiloft offers top-of-the-line security. Let’s take a look at Security and Compliance.

Security & Compliance: Agiloft places a high priority on security, offering robust protection against unauthorized access and potential breaches. With comprehensive access controls and detailed audit trails, the platform enhances accountability and maintains a high standard of security. Additionally, Agiloft’s compliance features are designed to adhere to global standards, such as GDPR, assisting organizations in meeting their legal and regulatory obligations with ease. That said, if we have multiple approvers for different contract types…

Approval Workflows: Tailor your contract approval workflows with Agiloft’s flexible automation tools. This allows for streamlined approvals, ensuring that each contract receives the right attention from the appropriate stakeholders, at the right time, enhancing operational efficiency and response times. Agiloft allows for creating conditional approval triggers based on specific contract information like contract amounts, which enhances operational efficiency and helps maintain consistency in contract management procedures. Last but not least, let’s discuss E-Signature integrations.

E-Signature Integrations: Seamlessly integrate e-signature capabilities with your contracts, enabling quick and secure signing processes that accelerate deal closures. Agiloft’s integrations with leading e-signature providers ensure that agreements are executed promptly while maintaining full legal compliance. Specifically, the integration with Adobe Sign simplifies the contract management process from creation to renewal, with the flexibility to configure signing order and signature flow, and create a complete electronic audit trail for compliance.

Thank you for your engagement today! I hope this session on Agiloft CLM was enlightening and gave you a good starting point. Don’t miss our next episode, “Streamlining Your Contract Processes with Agiloft,” for deeper insights into automation and best practices. Please fill out our post-webinar survey to share feedback and suggest future topics—the link will be in your email. See you next time!

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