Government Contractors

Manual processes can be a real bottleneck when it comes to contract management and other business processes, putting both revenue and compliance at risk. As a government contractor, you face unique challenges that demand a specialized approach. At eliteBco, we know the distinct requirements of government contracts and recognize the need for solutions that not only offer flexibility and efficiency but also excel in capturing intricate details and ensuring you stay compliant.

Automate Processes and Manage Compliance Risk with Tailored Solutions for Government Contractors

Contract Lifecycle Management

Government contracts are full of complexities that require a slightly different approach than what a normal contract lifecycle management system offers. As an Agiloft partner and fellow government contractor, eliteBco knows the contract management challenges you face.

Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform simplifies those intricacies, making it easier to:  

Capture fund and ceiling values

Track funding at different levels, including transaction, CLIN, period of performance, and contract.​


Specify which FAR and DFAR clauses flow from prime contracts to subcontracts.​


Manage complex contract relationships and appropriately calculate workshare.​


Specify which FAR and DFAR clauses flow from prime contracts to subcontracts.​


Centrally track your CPARS ratings to report information over time.​

Readily Accessible

Agiloft's Robust Federal Regulatory Clause Library

Gain access to a fully updated federal regulatory clause library to enhance the efficiency of subcontract creation while reducing compliance risks. This feature empowers you to specify critical elements, including:

Which FAR, DFAR, or agency
clauses have calls to action.

Whether a clause must be
included as a reference or full text.

If a particular clause is mandatory,
optional, or flow down.

Business Process Automation

eliteBco crafts tailored Business Process Automation solutions that strategically align with the objectives of your government contracting business. This entails careful customization of tools and technologies to seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure and empower you and your team to concentrate on more strategic objectives.

eliteBco uses the power of Agiloft’s flexible and secure platform to build tailored Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions. Our suite of offerings addresses the diverse needs of today’s modern government contractors—reducing administrative tasks, ensuring compliance, managing workflows, optimizing contract performance, and enabling you to respond to government requests promptly and precisely, leading to better efficiency and reduced costs.

Case Study


Hawaii-Based Government Contractor Modernizes Contract Management Process While Ensuring Compliance