Nonprofits often contend with constrained budgets, strict accountability measures, and an ongoing obligation to fulfill the requirements needed to keep up with grants and secure appropriate funding. Enhancing operational efficiency not only streamlines organizational processes but also strategically allocates resources, redirecting funds away from administrative overhead and toward the core mission. Today’s modern nonprofits must spend less time on administrative tasks and more time advancing the mission.

Enabling Nonprofits to Have a Greater Impact

Contract Lifecycle Management

Many nonprofits struggle with having a large “stack of contracts,” still using tools like Excel and Word to keep track of contract obligations. However, these tools often create disorganized workflows, version control issues, and too much manual input. Today’s modern organization needs a centralized solution to modernize and simplify its contract management processes, without breaking the bank.


Agiloft’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform provides a secure and affordable solution that reduces the resources needed for contract-related tasks. This not only bolsters security and compliance but enhances business processes and efficiency throughout the organization. With Agiloft, nonprofits can redirect valuable resources toward advancing the important causes they champion.

Business Process Automation

Donors want to know that their resources are going to the causes they support. Today’s nonprofit organizations strive to convey their impact with clarity and confidence, but manual processes and disparate data sources can pose a challenge.

eliteBco uses the power of Agiloft’s platform to build tailored Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions for nonprofit organizations. With Agiloft, you can track donations and allocation of funds, easily manage grant and funding contracts, and enhance operational efficiency to channel a greater proportion of resources towards advancing the mission, minimizing administrative overhead.